Monday, February 27, 2012


First onion sets in

But the seedlings I transplanted have all died off???? Last time I try onion from seed, I think that without a poly tunnel or cold greenhouse, it can't be done indoors.
Planted out a pound of Sturon brown onions and about 8 echalotes. I need to get some more sets though, as I only bought brown and red and I would like to try some whites this year too.
It was a lovely day yesterday, we also put in a dozen Belle de Fontenay early spuds, I will keep planting those out over the next few weeks. I also sowed and fleeced a row of radishes and spring turnips. There is light rain predicted mid week which will be just right.
Pottered around, planted some strawberry plants given to me by my neighbour who was chucking them out, and he also give me some thyme that I have planted down in the sunniest corner. He had loads of little suckers that self seeded from his main plant. Very nice of him. Tidied up the opther strawberries, cutting off the dead leaves and stems, brushing away the debris, they look much tidier now and tiny green shoots are starting to pop out of them.
I pulled out the last kale, turned over that area a wee bit, tidied up some of the edges, mostly it was just enjoying the warm day!

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Friday, February 24, 2012


I forgot to mention the peppers

My pepper seeds have germinated! Little loves. I am annoyed as I forgot to mention when I sowed them. Seems to me to be about 10 - 14 days ago. They are currently on the piano (where they get good light) with a plastic bag loosely over them. Stops the cat eating them at least.
There are aubergines there too, even though I said I would stop them. I couldn't throw out the seeds :-(
This year's crop will be:
Peppers: Robertina, Spanish Mixed, California Wonder, and some Long Red Marconi
Aubergines - Red Egg (which are a type of pseudo eggplant in fact), Rose Bianca (which are white ones) and a few Black Beauty type.

I MUST get the tomatoes off this weekend, although I find that they romp out once they are potted on, if April is clement enough.
The onion seeds went out. Hope that they are clinging to life as the planting was a bit messy...

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Monday, February 20, 2012


Start of the new season

After a bitterly cold few weeks where the allotment was entirely out of the question, with the ground frozen solid, I can finally start working on the new season. The seeds are bought, the potting mix is there, and we are ready to go!
Yesterday I sowed a few echalote bulbs and I planted the seed onions that have been moping round the kitchen. I can't say that I thought I had done a very good job of it so we will soon see if the poor things take or not
It was sunny but cold. I pulled out the remaining sprouts, which gave us enough for Sunday lunch and a few leftover, and also pulled out a few dried flower stems and the rocket that had seeded itself over winter. I know I will get lots of fresh rocket shoots there in a few weeks. The poor old artichokes got well and truly frozen so I pulled out the old rotten leaves. I know they will pick up of their own accord. Thje garlic has survived the bitter cold - there are over 30 stems up so another good garlic harvest seems set to happen. It is about the most reliable crop I grow...
The plot looks desolate, and I must say that the whole site is the same. The extreme cold drove everyone away. So for once, my plot is looking reasonably well kept in comparison!
If milder weather continues, I will sow a few radish and fleece them and next week I will start on the onion sets. I also have finished the potato buying. This year I am planting:
25 Belle de Fontenay as earlies,
15 each of Vitelotte purple and Pink Fir Apples as lates
and 3kg of Claustar, which are a maincrop and which apparently give an excellent yield. I have not tried those before but they sound potentially good.

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