Friday, January 11, 2013


At last blue sky

After weeks and weeks of soggy drizzly weather, a dazzling light this morning was such a surprise, many of us wondered what it was. The sun, of course. The clouds have given way to a spotless blue sky but no doubt some low temperatures on the way.
I had better go to the plot on Sunday and put down cloches on the lettuces, if they are not ready to eat.
I was already dreaming of planting shallots, broad beans, onions but maybe the cold snap will bring me back down to earth! Still, February is just a few weeks' away and I will soon be buying the onion sets, and looking for seed potatoes. If possible I am going to stick with the Belle de Fontenany earlies, so tasty, find some PinkFir Apple to plant as lates and see if I can't get those Claustar again - they gave a great yield. If I can't get those I am going back to Desiree.

New ideas for the new season? I am trying new varieties of Broad beans and peas, including snow (mangetout) peas this year, to change, perpetual spinach ( I tried a neighbour's and was impressed so I will give that a go, she said it was as easy as growing weeds :-) ) And I thought of trying white onions for a change, for salads. I have been growing reds but by winter I am fed up of them and they don't always keep that well. More variety this year. Big space for onions this year so I will fill it up!

Monday, January 07, 2013


New Year resolution 2013

Well, I guess that would be to blog more regularly! In winter it is a challenge as the plot is mostly resting but that is a poor excuse!
I was down the plot on Saturday, cleaning out my shed and moving to a new, better-located one where I will have some room to put a work table, pots etc. It will look smashing soon, I hope.
I threw out loads of garbage, keep "just in case".... The shed now looks pristine and tidy, just got to keep it that way.

The ground is sodden, after an extremely wet winter. At least it will be easy to dig over come spring! The mild temperatures have produced suprising effects. My beautiful Christmas rose is covered in white and pink blooms, very pretty:
The artichokes are also not in their usual resting mode and have quite a lot of foliage for this time of year. Doesn't matter much, if there is a cold spell it will die back then produce more a bit later:

The plot is enjoying a bit of rest, I try not to touch it too much in winter. It is still giving Swiss chard, brussel sprouts and cauliflowers. The garlic is planted and I can't wait till I can get in echalotes and broad beans (Yes, sucker that I am, I have decided to put a few in again this year. Sod it if the others don't like them. I do and will eat them myself! They produce so consistently that it seems silly not to grow them.). Then I will be buying the onions and spuds, sowing peppers and tomatoes and peas... and the new season will be upon us!

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