Friday, February 24, 2012


I forgot to mention the peppers

My pepper seeds have germinated! Little loves. I am annoyed as I forgot to mention when I sowed them. Seems to me to be about 10 - 14 days ago. They are currently on the piano (where they get good light) with a plastic bag loosely over them. Stops the cat eating them at least.
There are aubergines there too, even though I said I would stop them. I couldn't throw out the seeds :-(
This year's crop will be:
Peppers: Robertina, Spanish Mixed, California Wonder, and some Long Red Marconi
Aubergines - Red Egg (which are a type of pseudo eggplant in fact), Rose Bianca (which are white ones) and a few Black Beauty type.

I MUST get the tomatoes off this weekend, although I find that they romp out once they are potted on, if April is clement enough.
The onion seeds went out. Hope that they are clinging to life as the planting was a bit messy...

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