Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sooooo cold

Freezing here, a sudden cold front has sent the temperatures right down, with snow flurries to boot.
That did not stop me going down to the plot on Sunday (BEFORE the snow) and hurling some manure all over the onion and fruit beds and then planting the first lot of garlic bulbs. I guess I got about 15 in. I would like to get about doubel that this year - last year's harvest was excellent in quality but I didn't do enough. SO try try again, as always in the garden.
Despite the booby-freezing weather, I actually worked up quite a sweat and also came home with a lovely head of broccoli (that's 3 whole heads this time around, which I consider a great success), a bag of Brussel sprouts, at least a good pound if not more, which were delicious steamed up with the broccoli,rhubarb chard and some young rocket leaves.
Oh and I also brought back a raging head cold, as I sit here dripping snot onto keyboard. It's a mug's game, no doubt about it....

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Monday, November 22, 2010



OK brassicas to be precise. No pics because we ate them too fast but I actually managed to produce two decent heads of broccoli! I am so proud of myself. And there is another one still developing. They were delicious too.
And we ate the first brussels sprouts which I also found to be fine and dandy. There are loads of those still growing, I harvest them right through the winter.
Unfortunately here it has just been totally disastrous weather, rain rain rain, the plot lloks like some kind of bog. The weather is now clearing but they say it will now get fearfully cold. I have not yet planted the garlic and really feel as if I should. Maybe this week it won't be too late, if I surround it with lots of manure to keep it warm???
basically i still have to dig over the whole plot, pull out the last of the summer installations and dig in the manure that was delivered...Piece of cake...

I was down the gardens at 9am on Saturday morning anyway, in the rain, to listen to a complete load of twaddle. A couple of gardeners had anonymously complained to the council and to the association president about "serious anomalies" in the functioning of the gardens, and cheek of all, had signed in the names of the whole group! To cut a long story short, we are one group in an allotments association who work land rented to us by the local council. Their gripes were that certain people had put things outside their sheds that they didn't agree with, that they had no map of the plot with everyone's name on it (why? so they can go complain about aforementioned sheds??) and that the guttering had not been repainted often enough, well and other associated bullshit. The association president and the council rep called a meeting.Most of us were appalled that time had been wasted like this, especially as we had no idea that this letter existed or its contents. Most of the people on our site are friendly and tolerant and I feel on teh whole it is well run, the site manager is often present and I find him very apporachable. It was agreed on that this was a complete waste of time and if people weren't satisfied, they should see the site manager and if not, well, just leave if you're not happy with it! At least it gave me a chance to chat to some other plotholder's, whom I don't always see that often, and to see that 2 plotholders are giving up this season and are having drinkies next week. One is a rough-edged old lady who is now 80 and it's too much for her, the other I suspect is one of the letter writers....
So no tears there!! Except when I go and look at the huge piles of sodden manure hanging around my unkempt plot :-(

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Monday, November 15, 2010


November floodout

Well, all the best laid plans - I had planned a day off to really sort out teh garden but work commitments saw me cancel it. That was last week. It turned out to be quite a good day, and fairly dry. After that there was a long weekend - where it utterly poured the whole time. So I STILL have not planted the garlic or spread the manure or turned over the soil :-(
Hopefully I will take another day off in the next two weeks and see to it then before it gets too cold.
I have been spending my time cooking mostly! A friend gave me quinces, and I cooked them up into a jammy purée with apples to serve with meat, paté or foie gras. Delish.
Not much to soeak of garden wise then, with a bit of luck I will get the first Brussel sprouts next time I am down there. Yum.

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