Monday, August 12, 2013


August - pics

Despite the favourable conditions, some plants are still relatively slow to fruit. However there are tomatoes galore, pity is they are still all green! I have a beautiful vine growing, they seem to be some kind of huge pear shaped tomato, I must save seed as they are very vigourous and heavy cropping:
There is another particularly successful tomato, which I am thinking is actually MoneyMaker, from Lidl!
I have seen the butternut starting to fruit: this little beggar was hiding under the leaves:
The late cucumber I sowed in June to have a late fruiting vine is growing very well. I am just hoping it will not have fruit ready until we come back from holidays!
As for pumpkins - I think this is an Uchiki Kuri type - won't know until it changes colour! Otherwise it is a Golden Nugget.
And this one seems to have an attraction for the irises! It has decide to fruit right in the middle of them! I guess at least it will be out of harm's way...
In other news, the potatoes have all been harvested, except the Pink Fir Apples that are still growing. I am still regularly cutting Swiss Chard and leaf beet and harvesting courgettes and we have also eaten our first carrots (very exciting that one!). The Brussel sprouts and cabbages are doing very well. I made a late sowing of kale, mizuna, lettuce, radish and turnip, and am just hoping that we will get enough rain during my hols to keep them moist.

Monday, August 05, 2013


Odd squash

I had this down as a cucumber but now I have doubts. Maybe some kind of lemon cuke? The fruit was actually stuck in the plastic bottle used for watering! I had to break the bottle to get it out. Any ideas on what this is??? The plant:
The fruit:
And a baby fruit just forming:
Trouble is, as I am unsure of what it is, I don't know whether or not to pick it!!!


Tomatoes 2013

A great year for tomatoes, after all the blight of previous years! I have 14 plants including a nice plant of small salad tomatoes;
Then there are the yellow tomatoes, which have an odd flat shape. They have a beautiful citrus flavour though:
And some odd shaped ones which I think are called a Coeur d'Albenga. They are all from saved seed:
It would be nice if they could hurry up and ripen! We are starting to eat the yellows and some cherry tomatoes too.

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