Thursday, June 22, 2006

But some of us are an exception to the rule. After 12 years of living in France, I can now eat a variety of runny smelly dairy products that no self-respecting Australian would normally think could come out of an udder.
Welcome to this blog, I don't know how often I will be able to post but I thought it might be fun to tell the experiences of an Aussie in France, and not Paris, if you please, but real provincial France, living and working like one of 'em. Eating rotten dairy products, no longer going barefoot, no need for Aerogard or fly screens, no more squashing cockroaches, quaffing wine like it's no one's business, driving like you're on speed and surviving in temperatures below 20 degrees.
At first I wanted the main aim of this blog to be to plot my progress in a new project, our first home buy and my ambition to make it green, or as much as possible. This means more organic food, less chemicals and other greenie ideas that make your average Frenchwoman reach for her Vuitton handbag in disgust. BUT in a spectacular turn of events I have acquired an allotment and that seems like a much better idea for a blog. Only problem being that I have very little experience with gardening except for a year spent helping a friend look after his allotment. So how will I manage? Will I actually get anything to grow? Will I hack off my toes in an unfortunate hoeing incident? Will I just end up getting pissed with the old blokes that make up 90% of the allotment holders and let the beets rot in the ground? Only time will tell...

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