Monday, October 22, 2012


Autumn 2012

Sorry for the slackening off on the blog. The weather has been so disastrous that it is hardly worth looking at the results of this year's growing. There is not much to show for it (I was almost orgasmic at a bunch of radishes!).
But to make up for it I went and took some pics. the ground is so soaked that for digging it's a bit treacherous. Anything green is going great guns  though and even the lamb's lettuce this year has taken off, first time.
I am a bit sick as caterpillars (apparently from Cabbage White butterflies) are eating my sprouts. I had to try and squich 'em all, disgusting:
Shame, as they are quite pretty. But no mercy, and none for the snail and slugs either:
The sprouts are coming on OK apart from the pests:

The cosmos flowers are very pretty, even though they fall over, and you can see how the nasturtiums are feral - still, I am leaving them as they rot pretty well once the frost comes and I just have to dig them in to make a good green manure. They stop other weeds growing so all in all it's a good compromise.
Feral nasturtiums:

I like it when nature surprises you. As I tidied up all the stakes etc left on the plot, I came across a crop of rocket, growing wild. It was delicious!
The sprouting broccoli is also doing well, and the swiss chard is small still, but I have already harvested a little of it.
Why do I snap the pics BEFORE the weeding? These winter caulis and spring cabbage and leeks got a tidy up after I took this:

The last of the dahlias probably: I have been thrilled with them and hopefully next year they will do even better.
Still some tidying up to do and the garlic to plant but I know most things will die off soon and I won't get too carried away. If it ever stops raining I want to go get some stable waste (pooey straw) to cover some ground over the winter.

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