Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A quick update from my laziness

I have been doing some gardening but I just haven't found time to blog about it!
In fact next week I will be off to Australia as my dad is quite sick so I will be making an emergency visit. But I will have some free time too and hopefully I will be able to buy some Australian seeds! That will be cool, I can maybe grow my favourite patty pan squash then and some Australian tomatoes and pumpkins :-)

In my garden everything is mellowing out for winter. The cabbages are doing their own thing, although the snails are ferocious this year. I have planted my garlic otherwise it might be too cold when I get back and I also transplanted some leeks that were still in a corner. The rest is just settling back for the cold season, courgettes, dying, raspberries drying up, strawberry plants turning red and brown. I still have little harvests, late carrots, beetroot, broccoli spears, red cabbage. But now the season is gone, and it's time to plan the next, dig over, manure the ground, clean it up.

I saved some tomato seeds using the let-em-rot method, it looks good so far. We'll see next year...

So I will try to blog from Oz, it might be more about my sister's garden ha ha or anything botanically interesting that I see. Thanks for reading, till next time...

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