Monday, June 24, 2013


Steady growth

All the rain these past days has made the weeds grow like mad. Still, at least the veggies are growing too. One of the tomatoes is over 4 feet tall and all have plenty of flowers. I sprayed them with bordeaux mix and prayed that blight would spare them. The broad beans are going to be the best ones ever, they too are tall as trees and covered with bean pods. The runner beans are already up with true leaves on them and the green beans are looking very nice too.
The garlic is almost ready and the bulbs are looking like real beauties this year. Might make up for the hopeless onion situation (onion fly has infested some of the onions).
As June is getting on, I sowed more winter brassicas that had not worked in the first sowing: romanesco, green broccoli, white sprouting broccoli for the spring and red and white winter cabbage. The autumn cabbage and brussel sprouts I planted last week have taken splendidly, under netting. I also sowed some lettuce, rocket, basil and new beetroots.
I struggled home with over 2kg of potatoes, 10 sticks of rhubarb and a lettuce and handfuls of mizuna.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Written 6 juin:
The sudden appearance of a large hot object in the sky which has scarcely been seen for months (think the old 'uns used to call it "The Sun), has increased temperatures and made the garden flourish (as well as weeds and grass!). However the sudden heat is causing a lot of instability weather wise: I hope that there will not be any storms that might wreck the tenders that are coming on nicely now.

Still to plant and sow:
The 8 sweet peppers still on the windowsill!
A new row of beetroot
Climbing French beans and the runner beans (very late this year but I think thay catch up pretty quickly in the warm weather - I will try to space out the sowing this time and see if they will give into the autumn).
French marigolds that I grew from seed
Plant out the seedlings of romanesco, calabrese and summer chard that are waiting in the seedbed.
Must buy some brussel sprouts and leek plants, as my sowings were a disaster

Peas but sparsely and some are not germinating very well. Could be because of the unstable weather?
Broad beans (splendidly! and not even an aphid in sight yet!)
French beans just peeking through the ground
Perpetual spinach just germinated
carrots have actually germinated well!!! maybe they like it cooler?
Onions coming on well, all alliums in fact
Potatoes: earlies soon ready
the tomatoes and squash and cukes have taken root well and are growing. The tomatoes are looking good, must be Bordeaux sprayed this weekend.

Strawberries (delicious and abundant crop)
Spring onions (from sets! Finally cracked the best way to do it!)

Hope everyone else is doing as well!

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