Tuesday, November 18, 2014



AFter a long spell in which technical problems were preventing me from using Blogger I have finally managed to get signed back in! Sorry for losing touch and annoyed that a lot of gardening info has been lost. The mild autumn has made a lot of greenery grow so a bit of weeding has been needed. The summer is way behind us now. It was a good year for tomatoes and squash and cucumbers, not very good for brassicas which I couldn't seem to get started and beans which did not give good yields. My big water tank is finally in place and already full. I have removed one of my old rain barrels and I will use it as planters, if I can work out how to cut it in pieces! Already planning for next year - the garlic is in and growing extremely well. I am thinking on where to plant the onions at the beginning of the season and what potato types to buy. My ideas to have a fuller winter garden have not worked out very well - I still cannot manage the watering regimen to get root veg growing for autumn and this year the very dry September put paid to autumn lettuces and green crops. Perhaps next year... I am currently harvesting rocket, Brussel sprouts, NZ spinach and Jerusalem artichokes.

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