Monday, April 23, 2007

Another stressful weekend. I had another run-in with Old Fart (Plot supervisor, previously accused of disappearing with some of the fund-raising benefits of the garden association, see previous posts), who said (I quote) that my plot was a tip that that "I wasn't going to do it". You should have taken a half-plot he said. I told him that I was told that I couldn't. He didn't believe me. I said well, I am certainly not taking a half-plot now that half my crops are in and the other half are waiting. He made a gesture towards the other plots and said"Well, you can see quite clearly that they don't look like yours (which is currently covered in cardboard and newspaper untill I can dig, weed, plant and mulch the tender veg and beans). I was furious, I replied (probably too loudly) that I was sorry I was not an elderly retired person who could work every day on their plot but that I considered I had done a lot of work, a lot was planted and I was simply trying to stop the weeds growing. "You must dig them out and that's all there is to it," he said, but I will look in the rules and see if there is a particular way you have to garden. "You'll be getting a warning letter," he said over his shoulder to which I sweetly replied "Just send me the letter, I am waiting with baited breath to read it." By the time we have argued about it, I will have had my holidays and the beans, tomatoes and other veg will be in and he will have to eat his words. But I was seriously upset and spent most of the time weeding my pea seedlings in tears.
I didn't remove the cardboard.
Instead I filled another black bag with weeds and dug my first bean bed, two rows of French dwarf beans, and another row where I planted my courgettes, 4 gherkin plants and I also planted a little bit of radish. I added a few more peas where the rows seemed to have gaps.
The potato bin is going great guns!! I added more fill, a mixture of peat, compost, soil, and my horse-stable waste. It would be so funny if I got it to grow.
Just when I had given up hope on the parsnips, I spotted ONE seedling, thanks to a photo posted on Allotments 4 All - so if one has made it, there may well be others. So I refrained from digging that plot over again and I will wait. Also suspect some of the carrots are starting. Yippee! About time, they have taken bloody ages.

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What a bloody old git your allotment manager sounds. Next time tell him you heard that the police were investigating the theft of allotment funds...

"There is a corner of a foreign field that is, forever... ummm Australia" - never mind. You get the idea.

You go girl!
Thanks Toady! Hey if I get my Qld pumpkins going, your poem may be prophetic :-D
Ah, I am on holidays at the end of teh week, I will spend a bit of time down there whipping it into shape, I will try and get my hands on things to make decent paths and lots of straw to cover up the miserable bits. And if he don't like it, he can just kiss my asparagus...
What a whiny old git, some people just have to whinge, do you have a shed ? - if so frame your letter and hang it on the wall with pride !
He sounds like an utter old fart. I can't believe you let him get to you. The old 2 fingers to him girl!
I personally believe the old plastic sheeting/cardboard trick to smother weeds is so very clever. Our neighbour has an impressive veggie garden and he uses that technique.
Keep digging!
Lis x
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