Sunday, May 04, 2014


Start of summer crops

A warm spell accompanies the start of May so it's time to look after the tender summer crops. I sowed two small rows of Tendergreen French beans, and planted out some lettuce, 2 tomato plants that were getting rabid (a Golden Sunrise type and a mystery tomato from a mixed pack), two cucumber plants, two courgettes, a yellow courgette and a pattypan squash, plus 2 Fat Baby Acchoca, a new trial!!!! The broad beans have baby beans! Almost ready.
The strawberries too are starting to fruit :
I have the seed boxes on the go with brassicas and beetroot and leeks.
The garden is now a little more advanced than this, the potatoes are taller and the onions too.
I realise that the half plot is a little smaller than I expected. I think that next year I had better sacrifice some potatoes and onions or I won't have room for some of the other crops... Saw the resident vole today, he/she is bloody fat! On my expense no doubt. Now that the ground is almost completely clear, he may be dissuaded. There are also some beautiful lizards living in among the artichokes, including an explosively green one. Gorgeous.

Wow your climate is so more advanced than ours - and your crops are amazing. Our weather has been cold, so we are far 'behind' you - but wait until later - we'll soon catch

Your smaller than last year's plot is looking so very good - looks like you have it all under control!
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