Sunday, March 30, 2014


Spring in full swing

March has been mostly clement, although still fairly wet. Up to now I have managed to put in: The onions, brown and red Potatoes - Belle de Fontenay earlies, King Edward 7 mains and a few Pink Fir Apples that I had stored 5 jerusalem artichoke bulbs Peas - Alderman talls, Early onward and Golden Mangetout which were so prolific last year The first rows of roots - Early nantes carrots, beets (Bikores and Cheltenham Greentop) and Milan purple turnips And the new plot is already looking pretty full!!! Not sure where I will squeeze in the rest. A friend gave me an old window! SO I am set up to build a small cold frame. Which is just as well because I really need to get going on some of the brassicas which will go in when the spuds start coming out. It is so nice to see the signs of spring. Buds are green and fresh on the grapevine, the raspberries, the redcurrants (which even have delicate flowers on them), daffodils seem to have sprung up by themselves! (do they propagate underground??) and the herbs like rosemary and thyme are covered in tiny fragile flowers.

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