Wednesday, July 24, 2013



As the evenings are long and warm, there is little better than pottering around the veg garden. Doing those little jobs that nag at you but usually you are too busy doing something else. Like ripping out the bind weed that had started climbing over the cabbage netting (it really is an insidious bastard), like ripping out the weeds that is pretending to be Jerusalem artichoke plants but I know better (I've now spotted the real ones as they are growing and all imitators shall be buggered). Like adding fertiliser and compost to the tomatoes, peppers, squashes, beans. And watering, endless watering again. Still, I came home with a handful of beans, 6 sticks of rhubarb (that's it now, time to stop picking) and raspberries. The greatest treasure though were 2 small tomatoes!!! Not because of their flavour, which was nothing to write home about but because they mean that the other tomatoes on the other plants will soon be ripening too! The tomatoes are quite varied this year: long Roma tomatoes, two cherry tomatoes (but not especially bushy types or perhaps I pruned them better than usual!), at least one beefsteak and one I think will give a striped tomato. The largest plant is laden with smaller salad type tomatoes but I have no clue as to the varieties this year. They are surprise tomatoes!!!

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