Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Photos July 2013

At last a few photos!
My lovely Imperial Green longpod broad beans! A wonderful harvest of those.

You can see here how tall they got:
 The peppers are doing pretty well, some have tiny fruit on them:

The first tomatoes - I was starting to give up hope of ever having a tomato crop again after 2 years of blight. But these are looking very strong.

Some lovely cucumbers, they seem to enjoy the hot weather.

The squash are doing particularly well. I have butternuts, 3 courgettes (green, yellow and patty pan) a Pink Banana, a mystery squash (will know when it grows) and a red Uchiki pumpkin.

Its all looking really good, very nice to see the photos. Those Broad beans are impressive, lovely long pods.
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