Monday, April 15, 2013


Spring arrives!

And it's none too soon. Yesterday was a brilliant sunny day and a few hours in the garden were well used. Despite my hand still causing some pain, I managed to dig in the last few potatoes (Allians type, supposedly a second early/late variety, quite waxy, yellow flesh). I also planted out I don't know how many white spring onion bulbs and sowed in some seeds of Garlic Chives (here called Ciboulette de Chine, or Chinese chives, I have never tried them before) and some bunching onion seeds, which probably won't work as usual!

I reworked the bed of early sown seeds, all of which seem to have been killed off in the cold wet weather of March and early April. in their place I sowed: a new row of mizuna, some turnips, Ealr Nantes carrots and some Boltardy beetroot. In another space I sowed radish (Sparkler) and some mixed lettuce seed. I would have liked to have done more, but time did not allow me to. I went and got some heavy cardboard that had been stored up and covered the undug parts of the plot: my arm won't let me dig as I would normally do so I must work to keep weeds at least to a reasonable level. I did a little weeding in the most needy parts and hopefully I could pop down later this week and do another half an hour here and there, like howing the onions which could do with it. They have taken quite well, the echalotes showing healthy green shoots and the other varieties too, although just starting. I thought I spied a potato plant peeking through the surface: I will keep an eye on that. Early earthing up also prevents too many weeds!

Spring had also brought a new flourish of sprouting broccoli (I have a nice recipe for broccoli and pasta, maybe I will make that...) and also 4 cauliflowers! Big ones too! I was thrilled with those, I have had a few caulis this last year but smaller than that. I will sow some more, as they are a veg that we like a lot. I gave one to my neighbour, and took the other 3 home, we already have eaten one!

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