Tuesday, April 02, 2013


So very cold

It is April, and still the garden sleeps for the most part. I am slowly recovering from my broken wrist and with some help I did manage to plant most of the spuds and all the onions. But it has been so cold during March, apart from a few bright spells, that the sowing is hopelessly behind. I am rather worried as the peppers and tomatoes are getting so big indoors but it will be August before they go out at this rate!!!!
We went to Brittany for the Easter weekend and at a market there I found some late spuds (I have found it impossible to get the Pink Fir APples I wanted so I have given up for this year), spring onion sets and some lettuce plug plants. Hopefully those will relieve the itchy fingers, with a bit of fleece! But it surely must warm up soon. I believe it has been one of the longest winters I have seen since living here. It is most disheartening.

Maddeningly I cannot find the name of the potato type I bought. I seem to think it started with an R (Revelle? something like that) - the farmer told me it was a later variety, yellow flesh (it seems to be a brown and not red skinned variety) that is quite firm and he said they were good keepers.... so I guess it will have to be a surprise. I bought a kilo and a half and there are a good few tubers there, at least 30 and he only charged me 3.75 euros which is a total bargain.

I shall pop down to the allotment tomorrow and see how all is progressing: I found some Aquadulce broad bean seeds, the last in the packet so I shall sow them and hope for the best.

I wish I'd known you needed Pink Fir Apple. I have far more than I need. Could maybe send you some in a few weeks, they'd be late but not dramatically so.
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