Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Back at work

After my convalescence....
The cold miserable weather continues, one of the worst springs on record. I have not even finished putting in the spuds, which is a record for me. Still, a quick check the other day showed that the broad beans were peeking through the soil so something is growing at least! I think all my early sowings are buggered though (turnips, mizune, radish).
Must prepare the seedbeds this weekend and get sowing the brassicas, salads, and other greens, like the chard, Also need to sow the carrots and parsnips, beetroot, more peas, mangetout peas and the rest of the spring onions.
Indoors the tomatoes and peppers are doing ridiculously well. But when will it be warm enough to plant them out???? They will be triffid size by then. I will not even think for now about cukes, beans and courgettes.

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