Tuesday, April 23, 2013


At last some movement

Spring has somewhat timidly arrived but I have decided that the work on the plot cannot stop now. Last weekend, I worked pretty hard, weeding, covering the unused sections, and mostly sowing.
I now have the seed bed on the go, and the root veg. The peas and broadies are up, even though there are lots of gaps in the peas (have to sow some gap fillers there!). Leaves are breaking through on the early potatoes too, at last.
I have not yet put down the list of veg and varieties for this year so here goes:
Carrots (first sown 14 April) Early Nantes
Beetroot (14/04) Cheltenham greentop and Boltardy
Turnips (14/04) Snowball and Milan Purple top (already germinated)
Mizuna (14/04)
Radish (14/04)Sparkler (already germinated)
Lettuce (14/04) Little Gem and some red and green oak leaf - I already have some plants thriving in another corner!
Ishikura Bunching onions (14/04)
Garlic chives (14/04)
Cabbage Red Drumhead (21/04)
Leeks Winter Giant (21/04)
Leeks Zermatt (21/04)
Beets in module (21/04) Cheltenham greentop
Brussel sprouts (21/04) Samba variety

In March, sowed Early Onward peas, and Imperial Green Longpod Broadies (which are looking beautiful!). Still have to get in the Alderman tall peas (running late) and I also have some Oregon Sugar Podsugar snap peas which need to go in.

Indoors, the tomatoes are veritable triffids. I am going to sow this week the first cukes and courgettes to get a headstart ( I have Nero Di Milano and some pattypan squash and trying Bedfordhsire Prize cukes although I also have some burpless green from last year left too).

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