Monday, July 23, 2012


July - first sun

Yep end of July and finally a litlle sunshine. It has been an incredibly bad season. All the tomatoes have needed ripping out due to blight and some potatoes were affected and have been cut back, for harvesting as quickly as possible.
The peas rapidly succombed to some kind of rot and I have now removed them. It didn't seem to affect the runner beans.
On the whole, things are slower. But there are some positives:
I harvested my first cauliflower! All Year Round, Sown on March 12 so that makes...19 weeks. Huummm that's quite long. I have now sown some Candid charm type which apparently take only half that. Still, I was quite pleased.
We are currently eating: french and runner beans, lettuce, baby leaf, beetroot (YES!), artichokes, mint and raspberries, as well as the spuds of course.
Harvested the onions, quite a few good kilos there.
And I have sowed: more french beans, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, mizuna, some parsnips (don't know if that will work), Autumn King carrots, planted out the leeks,  and the brussel sprouts (which have been a bit attacked by slugs :-(

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