Friday, July 27, 2012


Heat wave!

After the sodden months of April, May and June, and most of July, we have had 5 days of scorching weather! Very bad for the poor sprouts and cabbages and leeks that I planted out! For the first time I have been watering!
So, at the moment we are eating: beetroot, baby leaves, yellow baby pattypan squash, French and runner beans, new potatoes. Another cauliflower is almost ready. There are quite a few peppers on the plants but none are ripe as yet which is a bit of a bummer, hope they are not all ready during my hols! I will take off the green ones and let new ones develop I think.
The onions have been harvested and are now drying ready for storage. Not so many planted as last year but a nice little harvest nevertheless. 
There are others already packed into net bags, as they were already pretty much dry.
The garden is still a little overgrown but on the weekend I shall make a bit of an effort to hoe to tidy up before we are off on holidays.

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