Wednesday, May 02, 2012


First tomatoes

With some reluctance, I planted the first tomatoes out yesterday. They were stagnating in their little pots and starting to be leggy. So 7 went out under plastic bottles or protected by a plastic windbreak. Today it is sunny and only breezy so I hope that I made the right decision. The weeds are taking over with glee, I managed to do a little hoeing but hopefully over next weekend, the long weekend, I will be able to tackle them head on. The rhubarb gave me 600g of thick stalks yesterday and I made 5 pots of rhubarb and gooseberry jam (from the freezer). yum yum. I hope that now the weather is warming up, the caulis and lettuces will pick up as they have taken OK but are not growing wildly. The potatoes are feral, the greenery is very lush with all the rain we have been having. Soon I will need to get out the Bordeaux mixture and do some blight prevention. The artichokes have recovered dramatically, all the plants are now 40 to 50 cm across with lots of new growth, hopefully the artichoke stalks will soon appear. I love this time of year, so rich in promise. And with the good weather I will be able to take new pictures this weekend.

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