Friday, May 25, 2012


First crops!

May and April were the wettest possible. But for some crops that is good news. I am already getting early potatoes! Small Belle de Fontenays, sweet and tender. Delicious. Took a few, I will leave the others another week or two to plump up! The maincrops are now huge, over 2 feet tall! I Bordeauxed them yesterday, as now the weather has become very hot. Came back with a little paper bag of spuds, an armful of rhubarb (now sliced and frozen) and the first lettuce, which was tender and delicious, if quite small. It was eaten in one go! Hopefully there will be another one ready on the weekend!
The tenders are sulking a little, the peppers and aubergines have lost some leaves, as the last two weeks have been terrible. This warm spell should do them the world of good. The tomatoes are however doing very well, and are now at least a foot tall.
I did a little work last weekend but end of year events keep interrupting the good intentions! Long weekend this weekend so I will get to it. Just weeding to be done really. The toms are staked, the peas need a little more support, the dahlias and garlic need weeding. Cucumbers must be planted too.
Leeks and beetroot need transplanting. Grass is getting long along the edges ( I'll hack it all off with a shovel and put it in a plastic bag to rot down.). I did weed the herb bed and cut grass all round it so it now looks beautiful. The hollyhock I planted there is big and strong and I am looking forward to its first flowers.
Runner beans are up! They grow so fast it's incredible! I will put in some willow sticks to help them get onto the teepee. I also have the Cobra beans to sow and the Borlottis to go in.
Pics this weekend, hopefully. It is looking so lush and gorgeous.

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