Friday, May 11, 2012


Absolutely knackered

That's what I was on Wednesday night after 7 hours spent on the plot. I really was starting to have twinges at the end and was hoping I wouldn't end up on a stretcher. Must remember to dump the rubbish progressively and not leave it all to the end when I am done in.
I did get a lot done though. I dug over the old compost heap, surrounded it with wooden planking and covered it with thick paper and black plastic. That will be the planting position for the young courgettes and cucumbers.
I sowed:

 I Put down a little black plastic to plant some of the peppers but was too knackered to do it for all of them. Will be interesting to see which do best. There are at least 12 pepper plants in and about 6 aubergines. I planted about 18 or 20 tomato plants, probably too close together but it's hard to tell when they are small. There are only 2 cherry variety this time, Sungold. The others are mostly beefheart type, greens, and salad tomatoes like Bloody Butcher. Digging over the tomato bed was hell, I had not covered it sufficiently. I dug out 2 wheelbarrows full of weeds.

 I dug over the bean bed (it had been covered so not too hard) and kept sowing runners: Enorma Elite and White Lady, and 2 rows of green beans, Fin de Bagnols and some Saxa. I still have to put in a row of Borlottis and the Cobra climbers but there is a bit of room left for those.

The spuds are massive with the rain we have been having, over 40cm high. They should get some bordeaux mixture this weekend.

 I was too tired to take pictures but I will try to do that this weekend. Not much left to do now:

Soon I will be harvesting strawberries, yum yum and hopefully some rocket. There are flowers on the peas but they are still growing. I am still some way from boxes of veggies but hopefully we are getting there.

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