Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Rain at last!

The Easter weekend was fairly overcast and blustery and today, Tuesday, the clouds have finally burst. Just as well as the rain barrels were getting low, the soil dusty and the radishes pretty much too peppery to eat!
I did surprisingly do a little work this weekend, despite the bad weather. I planted a redcurrant bush (thx Caroline for that gift from your garden!), sowed rocket, and more leeks, and planted out a few lettuces under cover and the Chinese Cabbage which were big enough it seemed, Hopefully planted out they will develop more quickly. My bulbs arrived so I planted out the dahlias and 2 arums, hopefully they will look pretty in the summer. My neighbour had dug up a big clump of dahlia, and he gave me a couple of tubers off it. Truth be told, I don't really have room but it was kind so I shoved a few extras in where I had planned the dahlia bed.
Weeded the garlic and onions again, picked probably the last of the sprouting broccoli and looked at the leeks wishfully (they really need to come out, be washed and frozen) but it started to rain so I packed up shop. Next week I am on holidays and away so don't know what it will all look like when I get back!
Next jobs will be to dig over the old compost area, remove a little compost for the new plants (sweet peppers like a little compost in their planting holes) and cover it in paper and black plastic ready for planting the courgettes and cucumbers there. There is well over a sq metre so there will be room for, I hope, 3 courgettes and 2 or 3 cucumbers. Then time to sow the beans and during my May holidays plant out the summer plants (tomato, peppers, aubergine, squash).

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