Friday, April 27, 2012


Old winter photos

I emptied one of our digital cameras last night and found loads of photos that I took to post but never did! It's funny - they are photos I took in our big cold snap in February! Funny to think that now the plots are full of baby seedlings, onions, spud plants etc. The flurry of activity! There are some shots of my plot but of other's too. This is what happened to my old compost pile during a big storm. The wood I am ashamed to say is still there protecting it 3 months later! But next time it stops raining, I will remove it, break it up for other usage, remove a little of the ready compost to put in various places, and cover the whole thing in thick paper and black plastic and plant the courgettes, cucumbers and squash through it! The space is big enough for at least 6 plants.
My poor old plot was very empty, only a few Brussels still up and the fruit bushes all twiggy. Today they are full of fresh green leaves and the brussels are long gone into the compost.

This is the view I get if I am standing in the middle of my plot and looking down the site.
The other plots were equally frozen. 
This is always a nice tidy plot. It is next to the nice Turkish couple that don't speak much French but grow lots of peppers!
My neighbour Raymond's pride and joy is his dahlias. This is how he coddles them in winter:
He gave me one of them a couple of weeks ago, hope it works out nicely, his flowers are beautiful. 

Took this over near the fence. The lavender is pretty hardy even in the snow!
My neighbour on the south side. You can see one shed - all that was left standing from a block of 8, that were arsoned. They have been rebuilt now.
And a final funny. This was the garlic bed, you can see a couple are up but not much activity. The whole thing is a bit of a dog's dinner! Full of brassica leaves etc.
And this is how it looked a couple of weeks ago: currently it is really lush, even more so than here - quite a difference!

It's great to see your photos and aren't you lucky to have such nicely laid out plots and posh sheds - very impressive.
Thanks Lottie! Those pics are from February. There are 40 lots on our site and we are run by an association but subsided by the town council, whose land we rent. They provide the sheds :-) I used to think my plot was huge but now that I like to grow so many different things, I am always looking for free space in the summer! Some of our plots have been nicely boarded or bricked round, I just have some boards, tiles etc round the bottom end as the soil tends to wash away, and I am now creating a sort of little "ditch" across the other side to separate the path and the plot, make it look tidier. I like the sort of "wild" look of your allotment though!
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