Monday, April 02, 2012


Lazy Sunday

After hours of watching a capoeira festival (my daughter plays this sport), there was just time for a quick mooch around the lotty on Sunday afternoon. Glorious weather continues, sunny although there is a cool nip in the breeze.
My neighbour Christine kindly gave me some willow branches, several of which I have put to good use as wigwams for the runner beans. They have been put up, tied in, a cross branch wired on and ready for the first sowings in a couple of weeks' time. There are loads of small branches which I am going to use in the peas, to help them grow tall.
The first peas are a couple of centimetres high and looking good. I will fill in the gaps next week which is what I did last year, very successful technique.
I pottered, watered as it is pretty dry here, and started to earth up the first few spud leaves poking through the ground.

The peppers and aubergines indoors are doing exceptionally well. I need to prick out the tomatoes this week, they are starting to look crowded and a little leggy.

Last bit of info, as I realised that I had missed out on a few things, I have ordered a few more seeds (the last ones, honest!): brussel sprouts (Montgomery) which need to be started very soon, some winter cabbage, some white sprouting broccoli as I am so pleased with the one I have in bloom now, Pak Choy for autumn and for now if I can get it in before it heats up too much, some mizuna for salad leaves (a first try at that one), and some Swiss chard for winter too. I realised that once again I failed to get late crops working so I want to try again this year, as we did have a lack of veg in the winter.

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