Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Italian Sundried Tomato bread
This was made in the bread machine then baked in the oven.
400g flour: it was a mix of bread flour and some Lidl Ciabatta bread mix!
230ml water and milk mixed
1 teas salt
1 heaped tab of sourdough starter + 1/2 teas dried yeast
1 tab oil added to liquid in bowl

This was put in the bread machine on dough cycle. Then I took out the dough, rolled it into flattish shape and spread some sundried tomato paste on it and put feta cheese in the middle, rolled it up and on the top was more sundried tomato paste and some parmesan.
I wasn't going to cook it till the next day so I put it in the fridge. the result was amazing:

It was ready to bake! I left it on the counter to warm a little while the oven heated, then in it went, at 200 degC with a tin of water in the bottom.
And the result, after about 25-30 minutes (it was a touch too brown):

Froze and reheated excellently too. I should have put more stuffing in it, but it was delicious with cheese and a salad.

Challah Bread

This is an Israeli sweet bread - I was lazy and made it in the bread machine but it should really have been proved more. It was still very good.
1 egg
160ml milk
30g sugar
2 tabs olive oil
350g white bread flour
1 teas salt
1 heaped tab of sourdough starter + 1/2 teas dried yeast

This went in on sweet bread cycle and came out very well.

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