Monday, March 19, 2012


Spuds in

In a great big hurry before a downpour on Saturday morning. All the Pink Fir Apple and Claustar maincrop are in. Just have to reserve a little patch somewhere now for the purple Vitelottes that I am trying.
The Red Baron red onions also went in. Can't help feeling that there are less onions than usual. Oh well, more room for other stuff I guess.
I also sowed some beetroot and leeks (Musselburgh). As the weather is mild I am hoping they will be successful. I wanted to put in some more peas but ran out of time. I will do the main pea bed next weekend.
Spring is fast approaching, rhubarb is peeking through, even the artichokes that I had thought a hopeless case have tiny little shoots, but I think they will not be restored to their former glory this year....
The radish and turnip I sowed are doing well but the radish is not big enough to eat yet. I will plant out the turnips in a couple of weeks.
Indoors, the peppers and eggplants were pricked out into their permanent pots, they are doing very well. A little longer and the tomatoes can also be pricked out, I prefer them to be a little larger yet. As there are so many I can afford to be ruthless and only keep the best ones.
The only harvest is leeks and the white sprouting broccoli which gave use a delicious risotto on Saturday. It toughed it out over winter and is now full of sprouts of yellowish broccoli. Yum!
Soon it will be time to sow

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My goodness you have so much in your beds.

We had thick frost this morning, and yesterday too, so I just didn't want to risk sowing any seeds up the allotment.

I have planted my earlies, but have the row covered just to keep the frost off.

Hopefully later in the week I will get so seeds sown.
Thanks Lottie for your visit. Well it's pretty warm here at the moment, it's been well above 15 all week and no sign of frost. The earlies are in but no sign of growth yet. I have never yet had frost damage on my spuds so we must get warmer temps than in the UK. I have got fleece over the seedlings though, the salad and whatnot.
My young son is in your part of the world this week! he is on a school English trip to Cambridge (well, fairly close anyway) and they come back on Friday.
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