Monday, March 12, 2012


Spuds in!

By a grey Sunday morning the early spuds went in. Bugger - too many of them! I am going to have to squish up a bit the maincrops or there won't be enough room for everyone.
The plot is slowly waking up - the strawberries are sprouting tiny bits of greenery, the rhubarb is peeking through the ground, tulips are coming up here and there and white daffodils. The garlic is looking exceptional, very good growth. The radishes and turnip sowed 2 weeks ago have germinated quite well. But 18 day radish - it's bollocks, they are only just getting true leaves!

Anyway I fleeced a small corner and sowed Little Gem lettuce, some oak leaf lettuce, chinese cabbage and cauliflower (all year round).
2 rows of peas - Early Onward and Kelvedon - also went in under nets.

And goodlife's seeds have come through - the cabbage I was taking for kale all winter is actually purple sprouting broccoli!!! Or in this case, white. Small sprouts are poking out all over them, and I think in about a week we will have a lovely harvest of the first spring veg. I have only grown them once, but really I should do it every year. Still eating the last of the leeks too.

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