Thursday, March 01, 2012


Sowing tomatoes

Finally got around to it, but it's OK, the time frame is still good. I sowed loads of the exotic tomatoes that Anja sent me in a seed swap. No ordinary ones this year! All specials! I think once again that I have sowed too many... I also did a few Gardener's Delight for friends that always want cherry tomato plants off me and a "surprise" pot from a batch of mixed seed :-)
So the list is looking like:
Bloody Butcher (extra early salad variety, 55days)
Osu Blue (a real purple blue tomato developed by Oregon State University)
Golden Beauty (Small yellow US tomato)
Golden Queen (Orange American tomato)
Yellow Butterfly (Yellow pear shaped tomato)
Mexican (Pink US variety)
Daffodel (yellow cherry, cousin of Gardener's Delight)
Green Bell Pepper (green beefsteak)
Nebraska Wedding (great name, large orange US tomato, late ripener)
Noire de Crimée
Sungold (at last!)
San Marconi Long Italian
And in my own saved seeds:
Green Tiger
Green Beefsteak
Red Beefsteak
Red and yellow beefheart
Red beefheart

Now must prevent the cat from eating them and try and get them to germinate.

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