Monday, March 05, 2012


rain stops play

A miserable weekend, grey and rainy. That put paid to any ideas of planting more spuds. Still, no frosts, so can't complain too much. Signs of spring are present - daffodils, crocuses, and the wild cherries are getting blossoms.
I suppose I should have checked up on the radishes and turnips, but since it's been warm then rainy, I figure that they are probably doing all right by themselves! I will pop down one morning to empty the compost box and have a mooch...
Days are getting longer too... it's light till almost 7pm now...

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you are far ahead of me!
Ah yes but I am so much further south than you! In general I can get all my spuds and onions in during March and by April I can devote myself to more complicated stuff! I am going to try runner beans this year! I was inspired by all your mentions of "carrier bags full" of the things! Hopefully I can get them to work for me.
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