Thursday, March 22, 2012


new pics

Unfortunately these were taken Tuesday night at about 7pm so a bit dark but I just felt that pictures were long overdue.
Here is the poor artichoke, that got a ton of manure dumped on him then completely frozen. But he is a stalwart! He's still got life in him!

Then there is the purple sprouting broccoli which is actually yellow. White Eye variety:

The garlic is doing very well: planted in November this year. In the edges are shallots which are just peeking through.

And an overall view. Fleeced on the right are the radish and turnips (Snowball), netted in the foreground are the early peas. You can see the PSB in the middle there. There are various bits of cardboard thrown down to smother the weeds, probably not that effectively as I did it quite quickly before the downpour on Tuesday.

When I think that in 2007 when I took it on it was completely bare. It's come a long way.

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