Monday, March 26, 2012


Hot weekend

Unusually warm weather for March, over 20 deg!!! The plants are romping away, needless to say. The onions have their little green tops, and the shallots too, bless 'em. The strawberries are getting a few leaves and even a couple of flowers here and there. Green shoots on the raspberries and gooseberries and rhubarb.
The artichokes are struggling on, I found that the other Italian artichoke, that I had thought lost, is also pushing up small shoots. It is growing in almost pure manure! Who knows whether I will get 'chokes from it but I think they will be quite something if I do!
I didn't do much as of course it was a gorgeous weekend and the family wanted to go out. But I planted the purple vitelotte spuds, that's all the spuds in now, and shifted a bit of manure about and watered a little. I need to go down later today to hoe and water and empty the very smelly compost box under my sink, so I will try to take some pics. Went over to summer time this weekend so the evenings are much longer and brighter!
Only harvest was the sprouting broccoli (delicious) and some parsley. But I have high hopes for the radish although it will need a lot of water this week before it can be picked.

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