Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Glorious weather

The sun is shining, the trees and shrubs are putting out new leaves, the birds are singing. Spring is here with a vengeance!
Last night I popped down to the lotty, emptied the highly odourous kitchen scraps into the compost, sowed the first row of Alderman tall peas and netted them (rather casually but they will be all right to start off) and also a row of spinach before it gets too hot for it. The radishes are almost ready to pick, they got a good soaking last night and they will get another this evening. They started off with cool damp weather but now it has turned balmy they will go hard and have too much heat without a lot of water.
The shallots are romping away and the garlic looks great (needs weeding). Disappointed again by the seed onions, a few have come up but not really many. Maybe the warm spell will help them on. I would like a few to work, if only for spring onions...

Indoors, the tomatoes need pricking out, they are tall with true leaves now. The peppers and aubergines are looking really healthy! They are now several centimetres tall, and lush. It would be so nice to have a good harvest of them this year, peppers are one of my favourites. Those strange Red Egg aubergines are doing better this time, hopefully we might get to taste one this year! They are spectacular to see too.

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