Monday, November 21, 2011


Seeds for 2012

I have been incredibly precocious and have started ordering my seeds for 2012!
I ordered a first lot from, who are really kind and their seeds are great value for money. Much cheaper than seeds in France.
I ordered:
Squash Winter Waltham Butternut - these are meant to be a good butternut, and as I didn't do any this year, time to do some again.
Squash Winter Uchiki Kuri - the good old Potimarron, such great flavour
Courgette Nero Di Milano - I couldn't get any striata d'Italia but these looked a good second choice.
Pea Alderman - I loved this climbing pea this year and it saves on space so they are retained for next year's season.
Pea Early Onward - you can never have enough peas. I still have some Kelvedon Wonder left over too. Successive sowing is the way to go with peas.
Beetroot Boltardy - I have to find a way to stop the voles getting the beetroot. I am thinking of making a raised bed, with a solid bottom, so they can't eat them.
Sweet Pepper Long Red Marconi - I wanted those good Robertina peppers but can'[t get them. These look wonderful, long red variety and they say they are productive. Peppers seem to do better than aubergines so I willl stick to them from now on.
Climbing French Bean Cobra - My reliable favourite. I saved my own this year but you can never get enough.
Dwarf French Bean Safari - these performed quite well this year so I will go for them again.
Onion Bedfordshire Champion - I will have a go at onion from sed this year. I will sow indoors at around Christmas time and see if I have some small seedlings to plant out in February. If it works, it is much more economical than sets!
Leek Musselburgh - Leeks were a bit of a flop this year but next year I will try hard to make a proper seed bed outdoors and fleece them well and try and raise my own plants.

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