Monday, September 05, 2011


I'm back!

After a well earned holiday. During which I saved lots of nice tomato seeds for next season. Just as well as this year's crop has now been destroyed by late blight. Still, I got several jars of tomato sauce and we have been eating nice tomatoes for a couple of weeks. Have to be more vigilant next year.
Lots of work in the allotment - cutting down lots of grass for one! And weeding, about 5 wwheelbarrows full. It's now looking grand, with lettuce and swiss chard planted in the former tomato bed, pumpkins spread all over the place ripening, Brussels and scarlet kale looking good for winter. Beetroot has been severely nibbled by voles...
But I have been harvesting cucumbers, and loads of green beans, as well as rocket, parsley, purslane, coriander and baby lettuce for salad and mint, lemon verbena, lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary to dry for winter. There are still plenty of raspberries on the bushes and the courgettes are giving a new push. I even picked a few stems of rhubarb which has come back in dramatic fashion, huge thick stems. The sweet peppers are good this year, plenty of fruit. Eggplant is disappointing though, just a few small fruit, although the RedEgg variety is in flower - can't wait to see if it fruits...
All in all, an excellent crop this year. But still no joy with carrots! They are tiny... even months after sowing. So if the late sowings are just as bad I will definitely call it a day on those, as they just do not work on my plot.

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