Monday, July 11, 2011


Quick weekend visit

I did a casual weed but I didn't do as much as I should! But there is a public holiday Thursday and I will try and get a couple of hours in. We actually had a BBQ in the garden, although it was a bit blustery and the idiots on trail bikes in the field next door ruined the peace and quiet. Need to choose a better day I guess.
I tied up the cucumbers (ooooh they have widdle baby fruits! I am so thrilled! They are the first ones I have ever grown!!!) and the tomatoes, although they still need further tying in, they are completely rampant. Gave a feed to the squashes. melons, courgettes, cukes and gave them some Bordeaux mixture, as last year I had lots of mildew, and don't want the same thing again. I actually have melons! I did coddle them, they are fleeced, weeded and fed and looks like this was a good idea, there are at least 3 or 4 tiny fruit and the vines have loads of flowers.
Only harvested a handful of beans and a few onions, but I am almost ready for the main onion harvest (there are kilos and kilos of them this year!) and the first courgettes will be ready this week. Thank you Anya, from the A4A forum, they are your italian courgettes! Last in and first to give fruit!! I am still digging up the spuds, on the seconds now, the red Rosabelles, some are quite a good size. And there are a couple of beetroot that are ready, can't believe I have managed to grow some! The later sowings are also coming on well. Wish I could say the same about the carrots, they have germinated OK but still not a carrot big enough to eat :-( I fed them this weekend though and will keep watering them, hope springs eternal...

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