Thursday, April 21, 2011


Weeds - getting better

I am gradually starting to become a weed expert! It has taken me years but I am slowly but surely naming (and getting rid of) the weeds in my garden! I don't really count the field bindweed anymore as it is just now a neverending source of misery and lamentation, rather than a simple weed.

However I can also boast these annoying little buggers:
- Dandelion
- Sow Thistle (really hurty if you pick it up accidentally)
- Scarlet Pimpernel (Pretty! but invasive)
- Groundsel
- Narrow leaf Plantain (mostly around the edge for some reason)
- Chickweed
- Red Clover
- Creeping Buttercup
- Lamb's Quarters

Among others!

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