Thursday, April 28, 2011


Photos April 2011

Finally got the photos loaded!
First an overview of the garden as it stands:

You can see on the left the spud patch and on the right the peas and broad beans. The plastic bottles are cloches for squash. A Turk's Turban, a summer pattypan and an Atlantic Giant that can run down the edge of the plot (that was a freebie!).

In this view you can see the herb bed next to the shed, the seedbox and the small patches I havenext to it with lettuce, radish and beetroot seedlings. Behind those is the "mother" artichoke, she is now 4 years old and gives excellent fruit. The rhubarb also appears in the foreground.

The spuds are going great guns despite the dry weather, it was a good idea to heavily manure that patch! they are partially mulched but I have run out of straw for now.

I am a bit worried about the onions but watering them by hand just seems futile. Still, they have come up very well. A good downpour would do them good.

The raspberries are totally feral this year, I fear I may have to cut back some of the foliage as I can hardly get past them! They are much leafier than last year!

I will post some other photos once they are ready.

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