Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter work

Did just a few bits and bobs this weekend, even though it was a public holiday!
Took some pics but they are still in the camera! bugger!

Sowed: cucumber, beetroot (Monoruba), and some wildflowers to fill that annoying gap between the strawberries and the path!
Weeded; the strawberries, the peas, the carrots.
Planted: 2 aubergine (Halflange Violette) and the first Gardener's Delight tomato.
Watered a lot - still no rain!

Progress: Fertilised the strawberries which have lots of green fruit and flowers, must keep watering so the fruit forms properly. The peas continue to grow, as do the broadbeans. The new broccoli have taken well despite the drought and have put out new leaves. The lettuce and beets transplanted last week have also taken well and the radishes have germinated very well. The raspberries are totally feral and I may have to cut them back as I can almost not get past them already!!
Potatoes certainly like manure!I dug up a volunteer that had been growing up through the manure that was spread in winter - and already there were 3 big spuds on it! So we will eat those, yum yum. I think they were Charlottes growing there.

Thanks to my big son who has put his new muscles to good use Monday, helping me to dig.

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Joel Houston
hello, to avoid spam I do not put my email address on the site. I do not wish to receive any messages that cannot be freely posted on the site. If you wish to make a comment about the allotment, please do so: if you want me to add a link, just post your URL and I will look at it. Thank you for reading.
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