Thursday, April 14, 2011


Coming along nicely

I was definitely daft this morning as I went down for a quick water (that sounds a bit like I am having a pee on the veg, doesn't it??) and I had a camera on me! And I forgot to use it to take some pics! But I know they are badly overdue. I would like to get a chance to weed a bit first though...
So pleased - for the first time I have excellent carrot and spinach germination. I have learnt how valuable fleece is for those baby plants, it will definitely be a habit for me from now on. SO this year maybe there will be carrots for the first time.
The spuds are coming on in leaps and bounds - they need earthing up and mulching. The onions are all up now and they look so sweet with their green tops waving in the breeze. Everything has taken, the early and late garlic and the shallots. Now just have to hope that the warm weather doesn't make them all bolt.
I left a lot of rocket on the plot, to self seed but I might have gotten a bit carried away I think. There are huge clumps of it, and they are all in flower and over a metre high! But they are attracting insects so that can't be all bad. I guess I will chop most of them down when planting the summer stuff and just leave a little to make new leaves for salads.
There are loads of volunteer spuds coming up in the bean and squash bed. I am loathe to do it as I don't think there will be many potatoes to speak of but they will have to come out. It's just a matter of time. Beans will start going in under fleece this weekend and the squash are only 2 weeks away from sowing... Shows that I should dig a bit more zealously when I harvest spuds!!!

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