Monday, February 14, 2011


Bought - spuds and onions

OK, for 28 euros, I have my spuds and onions and shallots sorted. I didn't really get what I wanted:
I had to make do with:
Belle de Fontenay as first earlies,
Rosabelle as mid-season (actually they seem to be equivalent to Rosevals).
Desirée as lates,

So lots of red-skinned spuds this year!

And as usual, the Jermor long shallots, which I grow every year - I even replanted a few of last year's of these to see if they do OK.
Also Vigamor shallots which are also a long variety.
And for onions, no surprises, brown Stuttgarter, and the most squat Jaune Paille des Vertus, both performed brilliantly last year.
And some reds, think they are Red Brunswick.

Yesterday it rained and i had a fearful migraine so they will have to wait another week. I plant shallots, then onions, then red onions, trying to have them all in by mid-March. The Belle de Fontenay will probably go in the 28 Feb and 7 March.

I also started the first seeds!
Aubergines: Black Beauty, Halflong Violet and Red Egg (red fruits!)
Sweet peppers: Robertina and some saved pepper seeds from last year.
Leeks - De Carentan, as last year - I will do a seed bed of those too, which worked pretty well last year...
Now I just have to stop the cat eating the labels :-(

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