Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sooooo cold

Freezing here, a sudden cold front has sent the temperatures right down, with snow flurries to boot.
That did not stop me going down to the plot on Sunday (BEFORE the snow) and hurling some manure all over the onion and fruit beds and then planting the first lot of garlic bulbs. I guess I got about 15 in. I would like to get about doubel that this year - last year's harvest was excellent in quality but I didn't do enough. SO try try again, as always in the garden.
Despite the booby-freezing weather, I actually worked up quite a sweat and also came home with a lovely head of broccoli (that's 3 whole heads this time around, which I consider a great success), a bag of Brussel sprouts, at least a good pound if not more, which were delicious steamed up with the broccoli,rhubarb chard and some young rocket leaves.
Oh and I also brought back a raging head cold, as I sit here dripping snot onto keyboard. It's a mug's game, no doubt about it....

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