Monday, September 13, 2010


Out with the old

I have started pulling up the old plants ready to start off the winter season. Out came the dead courgettes and squash; the rocket seed was shaken off into a bag and the old stems ripped out: the dried bean pods were picked for seed and the old bean plants hacked down. It is starting to look much tidier already! Now I have to dig out the second lemon balm, and the old artichoke and it will look splendid.
Some new things still going in though - spring cabbage just went in, with some autumn lettuce. There are still a few beetroot seedlings to go in too, that will be next week. The last beans are flowering so maybe some beans soon, and the Cobra beans are starting to climb, so beans from them before the first frosts I would say. Mornings here are now fresh but not that cold.
Still getting loads of tomatoes. I am disappointed with the Tigerellas, they ripen too fast and go squasher, However I am delighted with the Moneymaker, and Marmande, very good. Rather disapponted too with the Totem and Pannovy. The Gardener's delight are excellent but I have too many of them.
The Pak Choy have been a great success, we ate some more yesterday and there at least another 6 in the garden that are growing well without bolting. They obviously like it cooler. They are lovely in a stir fry, just a bit bitter and a very green taste.
We will be away for a few days including the weekend, but the weekend after that, I want all hands on deck to dig up the maincrop spuds for storage. I usually store mine in my cellar, in wooden crates covered with cardboard and newspaper. That seems to work pretty well.
Then that section will be dug over, and covered in straw, ready for winter, and after that I will do the old onion patch in the same way. I want to spend autumn tidying the plot, relaying the path that has gone wonky, continuing with the edging and generally making it look nice. I want to redo some of the perennials in spring - plant new herbs, new artichokes, divide the rhubarb, maybe plant some dalias next year.
Oh and I need to clear out the bloody shed... :-(

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