Monday, July 19, 2010


Taming the toms

The tomatoes were still jungle like, so I spent a goddamn long time on the weekend pruning them again, and stringing them up. The cherry tomatoes got the treatment this time too. I am growing Gardener's Delight, I can see why they are called that! They are now over four feet high, and there are litterally dozens of flower trusses on them as well as lots of green fruit that should soon be ripe.
The Marmandes and Moneymaker are also marvellous this year. I have not tasted the Moneymaker yet but it is certainly prolific and the fruit look healthy so far. I spotted the Tigerellas starting their fruit too, little stripey tomatoes! So cute. The other cherry tomas are also doing well, I have Totem and a variety called Pannovy and they are more manageable, the bushes are smaller.

The pumpkins are going great guns: the butternuts are a great success, each one has several fruit! And the Trident blobby pumpkins are fruiting too. I also noticed the first baby Hooligans, they already have a distinctive pepper-type shape. I think it will be a successful year for Winter Squash.
Other work on the weekend:
A lot of picking! Beans, yellow courgettes, the last of the gooseberries and a continuing crop of strawberries.
Some weeding of the aubergines and peppers (they are starting to fruit).
A lot of watering!
Some planting and sowing:
Planting out some broccoli and sowed some autumn carrots (Frubund variety, a freebie from RHS) and the last of the French beans: yellow wax and more green beans. I need to sow more this week of the kale, late beetroot and spring cabbages and caulis and all the late salad veg, the others have been attacked by something and the seedlings are all eaten up!! Boo hoo!

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