Monday, July 05, 2010


The heat wave continues

Still pretty hot out there this weekend, I have to water a lot as the ground is really hot and dry. I ended up gardening in shorts and a sports bra as it was so hot!!! Oh well, give the neighbours something to gossip about.
There is lots of bindweed everyweher, it's most frustrating. I need to do some more heavy scale weeding. Maybe during this week, my kids are on camp (yippee!!!).
Work done this weekend:
Space made in potato patch, compost added, two short rows of Pak Choy planted.
Echalotes harvested by my daughter, they are spectacular, a really terrific harvest this year. Now I need to get some manure this week and dig that over and cover it up.
A little cursory weeding, round the courgettes and strawberries which are plagued with bindweed.
Lots of watering, although we are getting a sprinkling of rain this morning, it's nowhere near enough, it will just freshen things up a little.

A few kilos of early potatoes, about 5 kilos, that is starting to get to the end of them now, they were ravaged by my vole (read "vile") that I thought was so cute but was really eating me out of house and home. I should take my cat down there next time.
A good punnet of green beans, the first ones, wonderful.
Several courgettes
Strawberries, raspberries
my gooseberries! AT LAST! without them being eaten by other creatures. I plan to make a small amount of jam and some puree, there are only red ones! Which is odd as I planted green ones originally ???

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