Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Gooseberry chutney!

I finally found something different to make with the gooseberries, and that was chutney!
How I did it (this only made 2 jars but that is fine with me, they don't eat much chutney in my house):
about a large cupful of gooseberries, topped and tailed,
2 small apples, chopped,
3 onions, one brown and two red, chopped,
a small green pepper chopped,
1 small cup of sugar and another of cider vinegar.
spices: pepper, paprika, some mustard seeds, a few coriander seeds, a large pinch of salt. A little chilli powder and a clove of garlic, chopped

Put it all in a large pan, simmer for a looong time until jammy and well reduced. It was a lovely pinky red colour (they are red goosegogs), and was fruity and acidic and spicy. Mmmm can't wait to taste it with some cold meat.

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