Monday, June 21, 2010


some work but not as much as I should

There are some weekends where you plan to do a lot but just don't manage it! That was mine. I suppose I can't complain.
Saturday: I went in the afternoon, just an hour and a half, and I picked some new spuds (well dug, you know what I mean) and peas, rhubarb and a few bolting onions. Oh and the first gooseberries! Which I used to make a wonderful fool on Sunday! I tidied up rather well, weeding by hand the most obvious weeds, but I should have hoed between the tomatoes and I didn't get around to that.
Sunday, I slept in, So not as much work as I wanted. I went down full of good intentions, I wanted to plant my leek seedlings. Surprise - when I opened the coldframe to dig them out, I got a closer look. And they aren't leeks. They are spring onions. Which makes me think - did I plant out the leeks as spring onions? I must look closely at them this week!!!
So now I have a row of rather healthy looking transplanted spring onions! Maybe I will be able to eat them soon! And I also found that I had some leeks left in a pot so I planted them out anyway. But they are nowehere near the quantity I would normally have! there are about 20! Must keep an eye out at the garden centres, see if I can get some proper seedlings to help myself out!
I wanted to tidy up the herb bed which is completely overgrown, filled with rampaging mint, parsely in flower and lemon balm. And bindweed, grrrrrr. But my alarm rang, time ot go make lunch, so that will have to be done one evening this week instead.
No rest for the wicked, I say.
Oh and today is the first day of summer! Nice!

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