Wednesday, June 16, 2010


quick check

It seems that the best way to handle an allotment is a little and often (rather like sex!).
So I keep popping down there for this and that. A quick trip this morning before work (OK it could have been quicker, but anyway...) got me some peas and strawberries and a small bag of new spuds (it's amazing how you can wield a spade in high heels if you really need to).
The beetroot I planted earlier in the week seems to have taken, and the rhubarb chard is floppy but I think it will pick up once it gets established. Had a quick walk round the perimeter - the melons have sprouted up, hope they now have time to grow properly, the courgettes are really growing well, and the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are shooting up in their rich manure-filled bed. All the new beans have appeared through the ground and the pumpkins are going great guns.
But I realised that the herb bed is getting completely out of hand, and on Sunday I will need to hack out all the bindweed that is growing over everything, and cut right back the parsley that is flowering (as tall as me) and the lemon balm that is feral again. There is a lot of mint now too, so time to cut a whole lot down and dry it for later use.
can't wait to cut down the first artichokes. they have aphids but hopefully I can wash them off.

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